Joyfully dancing and teaching with over thirty years experience in Middle Eastern dance, I have been the lead dancer in a traditional folkloric company, and I also perform modern cabaret styling in various American Middle Eastern supper clubs (featured dancer at San Francisco's "El Mansour" Moroccan restaurant for over 20 years!). I've happily enlivened a wide variety of weddings and special occasions, and I'm rated "G", fun for the whole family. I've been the featured performer at several of London's Middle Eastern restaurants, traveled America with a Middle Eastern Revue, and was featured in the encore with the British rock group "Queen" before an audience of 16,000. I've had the opportunity to research, perform and enjoy the dance firsthand in North Africa and the Middle East. I've even shimmied on the silver screen in Warner Brother's "The Pirate". Watch for me in another Warner Brothers production "Matrix: Reloaded".

"The Harem Fantasy" is your favorite choice for celebration performances. From a captivating solo performance to a top-notch dance team, we've delightfully enlivened art galleries and galasof San Franciscio's most recognizable and influential organizations and individuals.

With a background in Cultural Anthropology, I call my style Shamanic: inviting and holding space for oneness of community. "Cultural Understanding as a Step Towards World Peace" is the topic of my lecture/dance experience, recently offered at California's San Francisco State and Stanford Universities. I also offer this educational outreach program to elementary institutions, youth groups and at trans-personal retreats. Coming to understand another culture's art is an easy first step towards understanding another culture.

Published in three volumes, "Adventures in Belly Dance Costuming" are my comprehensive manuals of Middle Eastern Costuming. From basics to specifics, I simply and clearly explain (and demonstrate in the lecture series) how you can create "perfect fit" costuming that is beautiful, comfortable, durable and reflective of your own artistic expression.



Adventures in Belly Dance Costuming

Each illustrated volume clearly and simply explains how to create "perfect fit" costuming that is beautiful, comfortable, durable and reflective of your own artistic expression!

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