You should see my face

Business has been picking up, I'm getting perhaps 30% more private parties than last year. One last Saturday was for Armenians!! It was a great show, including my candle dance. They were the type of crowd that make you feel so good. It inspired me to do my very best. Hope I get some referrals! One funny thing happened at that show, or rather after it: I was in the ladies lounge having just changed into my kaftan before departing, and in came two women, about 45 and 55. The younger one started the ol' "You're so great, you're so pretty" compliments to which I always try to respond humbly. Then she says "how old are you, 22,23?" So I honestly say "Thank you so much, but I'm actually closer to 40" and as the two exit the lounge the older one turns to her friend and says "I thought she was young but then I got a look at her face." !!!!!!!!!! Of course, the body of a 23 year old ain't bad!! Days later when I was fielding a sales call from a furnace cleaning company the guy happened to mention that I didn't sound old enough to own a home. You bet I bit my tongue so I wouldn't say "Yeah, but you should see my face!"

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