Stanford vs. Montessori

I get various responses to my lecture demonstration about cultural understanding. In order to express the theories of the origins of dance, I always invite my audience to imagine pre-dance societies: what kept them busy, then what freed them up to have more space for art and dance. The students at Stanford University enjoyed this exercise, it created a lively discussion. The response at a grammar school aged Montessori School was a bit different. When I asked "What do you think Cave People were doing back in the Cave Man times?" a nine year old boy desperately waved his hand to respond. As I called on him he stood and said "They were having a lot of sex." Yep, it broke up the class, but I got it back on track immediately by saying "That's right, and can you tell me why?" Instant silence. "So they could make more people!" I answered, then continued to talk about how a larger population aided the progression towards a hunter/gatherer society.

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