The night of the Belly Dance

The private party I did Saturday night turned out well. I was able to do my last show at E.M. by 9:15 and so was able to reach my party before 10:15, as promised. It was in Pacific Heights, but the client kept his driveway clear for me so I was able to pull right up. Here's something for you to giggle about. After the sultan routine I ask the sultan if there's anyone else he'd like me to dance with, and he points out people (guys and gals) and then they're more likely to dance with me than if I'd asked them on my own. Sultan's request, you see. Anyway, the sultan was laughing so hard at the antics of his friends that he leaned way back in his chair and it busted! The back of the chair, obviously an Oriental antique, busted off and he tumbled straight back and fell off! Layin' on the ground, feet in the air! Wouldn't ya know, just at the start of my candle dance. We got him up (he seemed OK), put him in another chair, and I lit up my candles and finished my show. What a champ, he stayed right through the end. He thanked me for my performance then excused himself saying " I think I'm bleeding"!!! I saw him as I was leaving, he was OK. In my thank you card to the client I mentioned that in the far future he'd be showin' the scar to his grand kids and telling the story of "the night of the belly dance".

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