The Belt of Ishtar

Those of you with Volume 1 of "Adventures in Belly Dance Costuming" will enjoy this story. In it's design, the belt pattern has an important historical precedent. As a "baby dancer" I spent a lot of time at the museum absorbing the art of the Middle East. One piece I continually returned to was a statue of Ishtar, an ancient Babylonian goddess. After repeated viewings of this life-size statue, I knew we were a similar size. Because of the frequency of my visits, I knew the security guard of that area. I convinced him to allow me to encircle her hips with tracing paper, and lifted a belt design over two thousand years old. The paper pattern in volume 1 is it's descendant. The shape of your belt is the shape of the belt she was wearing. Your belt is the modern rendition of the belt of Ishtar, goddess of love and fertility. Wear it with PRIDE!!

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