Layered Skirts Nightmare

Layering skirts creates a great textured look. But for heaven's sake make sure they close securely so the following won't happen to you! I have a sheer black panel skirt decorated with a single row of black aurora-borealis sequins every two inches. Because it's edges are finished with metallic silver threads I decided to pair it with a silver sequin straight skirt worn underneath. The silver sequins shine from beneath the black chiffon; it's a nice combination. This straight skirt was one of my first and the design wasn't as refined as my subsequent attempts. For example I had run elastic completely through the waistband so the velcro closing wasn't smooth and flat. Can you guess what's about to happen? As I'm dancing the opening song I sense a loose flapping about my hips - yep, the sequin underskirt has come unfastened and is slowly falling off with every hip drop. Shall I stop the show? NO! Trooper that I am I decide in an instant that the panel overskirt is not too sheer to be worn alone; so I dance over to the hall that leads to the kitchen, reach beneath the overskirt, yank out the underskirt and toss it down the hall. Then I quickly dance back into the center of the room thinking how cleverly I have mitigated the situation. This illusion is shattered, however, when the waiter walks into the room holding the underskirt aloft saying "Is this yours? Did you lose this?"

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