The Undersea World of Pasha Cousteau

Just what can go wrong when you dance to tapes? Well, how about the time I didn't leave enough of a space between the end of my show and the next selection on the tape? As I regally left the room, the Hawaiian guitar and first verse of "We're Going to the Hukilau" came booming out before I could reach the tape player! For convenience, my tape player is battery operated, but it has a cord to plug in the wall in case the batteries run down. I have my performance tape cued and ready to play, but I keep another cued and ready just in case. I try to prevent as many disasters as possible, but sometimes I feel like I'm being ganged up on! Consider this private party at a Moroccan Restaurant: At this birthday celebration I had barely danced through the opening song when the batteries went on strike. Suddenly the music got slower and slower, and I gracefully turned it off and asked the waiter to plug in the cord. When the music returned it was up to speed, but sounded like it was being played under water! Blub-a-lubba-lub-lubba-blubba-lubba-lub... I snapped off the music, produced the spare tape and slammed it into the player, hit the play button: Blub-a-lubba-lub-lubba-blubba-lubba-lub... Undaunted, I welcomed the guests to the "Undersea World of Pasha Cousteau". I figured the tape deck had died, slipped out the tape, handed it to the waiter and asked him to put it in the restaurant sound system. I knew it wouldn't be loud enough, but any port in a storm... But as he pushed the play button - you guessed it - Blub-a-lubba-lub-lubba-blubba-lubba-lub... This was Mutiny!!! I asked for the music to be turned off, got the audience clapping a rhythm and was doing some audience participation stuff, all the while wondering what to do next and if this was the worst show ever. Suddenly my tape player sprang to musical life, playing the first tape exactly where it had left off! Behind it stood a grinning repair man, the culprit of the entire fiasco. It turns out he was working on the refrigerator in the back, and it was the on-and-off power surges that had created "The Undersea World of Pasha Cousteau".

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