More Halloween Hijinks

When you dance with several girls you'll do silly things... Haji Baba's in Los Angeles had three dining rooms, the main room with the band and a dance floor. Three dancers performed at the same time, rotating through the dining rooms. At the end of the show we'd gather in a hall off the main room. We'd enter the stage, introduced individually for a few bars of music, then do a quick choreography together. One night I was introduced, danced a few steps and took my place; Schehera was introduced, danced and took her place; Geneve was introduced---- where was she? Suddenly a rubber chicken sailed through the air and landed on stage. It had a chiffon skirt and golden earrings! Undaunted the band played a few bars of music for it, then launched into the choreography music! One Halloween we left a dark eyebrow pencil in the hall and as we gathered for the choreography we each blacked out a front tooth! We were introduced, we took our places and we did the choreography all without an open mouth smile. Then with our final pose we gave the audience a big grin - and nobody laughed! They just stared at us blankly! We turned and posed for the band, gave them the pumpkin grin - again, blank stare! I guess the joke was on us but we're still laughing about it!

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