Two opening spins - then POP!

So... here I was, dancing at the boisterous Sayat Nova Armenian Supper Club. The guitar player announced me and the band cranked up as I burst onto the stage. After about two opening spins, the hook at the back of my bra also burst. POP!!! I clutched my elbows to my sides, and smilingly playing my finger cymbals, made a dash for the kitchen. The surprised chef spoke no English, but got the idea as I waved a safety pin retrieved from the back of my belt. After less than 30 seconds; and what seemed like 10 minutes, I was bounding back onto the stage with surprisingly little loss of cleavage accompanied by the audience's "Well-where-did-she-go?-Oh-there-she-is!" cheers. I quickly lost myself in dancing, winding up my opening segment with a Turkish drop. Suddenly remembering my delicate repair job, I spent a few anxious and rather fidgety moments trying to determine if my bra was going to remain on the floor as I rose from it! But it held and I finished with a rousing drum solo that wound to a feverish shimmy, some 100 MPH spins, a dramatic pose, and then... POP!!!

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