Baggy Red Dance Trunks

The Xmas party for around 100 people was aboard a yacht. I was requested to come "incognito" then change later for my show and surprise the guests. I was offered the master suite to change in, complete with adjoining bath and king-size bed with everybody's coat piled on it. As my performance time drew near I retired to the suite, and locked the door behind me. I stripped down to my dance trunks (baggy red), then decided I should use the bathroom before I get into my costume. I open the bathroom door to reveal some guy with his back to me washing his hands! "Excuse me! " I yelp as I jump back into the suite. "That's OK, I'm coming out now" he says. "Wait a second!!" I squeak grabbing the first thing available to cover my nakedness: the top coat on the pile, which looks like the beat up one Lt. Colombo wears on TV. I hear a door open and close, peek into the bathroom and discover another door leading to the hall! Well I locked that right away, used the facilities, then reached for the door back into the suite--LOCKED!!! I'm trapped wearing baggy red dance trunks and Lt. Colombo's raincoat!! Of course I laughed! I can't go upstairs for help dressed like this. Fortunately, I had arranged with the hostess to fetch me at show time, so when I heard a tapping on the suite door I cracked opened the hall door of the bath and got her attention. She thought it was pretty funny too. It was the captain himself who had to come down with the keys to reunite me with my costume (probably to see my "outfit" for himself!).

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