The Difference between Morning and Night

The day before meeting with a club owner, I put one of my publicity photos in a gold frame to present to him. I put it near the front door so I wouldn't forget to take it with me. The next morning I was awakened by the doorbell, and I begrudgingly got up, struggled into some sweats and trudged to the door. It was the UPS man with a package. I took the clipboard and signed for the package; and as I handed it back the guy was looking at me with a mixture of awe and horror. Boy, I thought, I must look pretty bad this morning. Dragging myself back towards the bedroom, I took a quick look in the bathroom mirror: yep, pretty bad, pillow scars 'n all. It wasn't until later in the day as I was leaving for my meeting that I realized when the front door was opened, the first thing you saw was that framed photo! I don't look nothin' like that first thing in the morning!

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