A Glowering Stare

The leader of the Garoung band wasn't very easy to work with. Invariably, when I exited my dressing room and stood at the top of the stairs so he could see I was ready, I ended up standing there for at least 15 minutes. He also had the bad habit of introducing me when I wasn't ready. How often from my dressing room I would hear him introduce me, begin my opening number, and I would try to put on lipstick, veil and zills in 10 seconds flat. Once he even began my show when all I had on was my skirt and belt! What a mad scramble that was! One time, knowing that I always had at least an hour between shows, I utilized my break time to deliver a Birthday present to Schehera, dancing at a club just down the street. Carefully returning in plenty of time to change for my next show, I received a glowering stare from the bandstand. The waitress was laughing so hard she could barely tell me that he had announced me, and I wasn't even on the premises!

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