A Spectacular Fall

I've fallen a number of times on stage, and some falls were more spectacular than others. Some you can actually try to pass off as part of your dance by landing in a dramatic pose. But in other cases, the audience knows better. I had danced into the audience and around the tables and was re approaching the wooden-floored stage backwards. You know, that alternating, diagonal bump back? Wouldn't ya know my foot caught on the band's platform. I tried to catch myself but my skirts were under my feet and just like in a cartoon both feet went up in the air and I came down on my fanny and from there flat on my back. The funny part is that the chattering audience immediately became silent but the band kept playing the up-tempo tune! I still remember the oud player curiously peeking over his instrument at me as he strummed on. Why couldn't he have gone into a chif-ti-telli rhythm? There was no way to save this pratfall, so I pulled myself up on my elbows, hauled myself back onto my feet, and jumped back into the dance!

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